Thursday, July 16, 2009

Speak 'friend' and enter

It's about eight o'clock in the morning, clouds ripping slowly apart in front of the sun and I have a whole day to spend in a car. As the sun keeps climbing up the temperature rises as well. It's July and these are the very rare days that are actually warm "up here". And when I say warm, I mean about +20 - +25. Although I "like it hot", I'm a real Finn: +25 is the maximum I like.

I need to have my dose of sweating and melting and boiling, lying in the park, fingers sticky with melted ice cream and strawberries. The feeling of absolute relax, body heavy with the warmth.

But now, as I'm writing this short entry, I'm already home, and I can see from my window how my neighbors are crawling from their hidings, eyes sore, faces full with happiness that say "sun! finally!" I should be there with them. Stretching my car-achy-body and drink ice cold cider under the sun.

I'm planning to stay inside, dance around half naked and maybe have a beer.

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