Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guarded (cultural) activity

This is from Midsummer's, the traditional bonfire by the water, insanely cold and the whole thing was guarded by security guys and a rope. Like people would go near the fire like moths, mesmerized by the heat and light, and actually burn themselves. Or like lemmings blindly following each others into death by fire.



Is this how we are supposed to actually have a cultural experience these days? The Finnish society wants to secure us from harm, even from our mothers and fathers and from each other. We are supposed to be in a soft little bubble, without any knowledge of actual real life happening. We are supposed to be interested about Wacko Jacko's imminent death for days and days (Google give 66 800 000 hits on "michael jackson death"). Who gives a fuck if that wreck for a human being dies? Yes it's sad, but so are starving babies and China's totaliarism too.

Really, what's wrong with the world anyway?

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